My good friend Greg, W8WWV has done a series of quadcopter videos at K3LR. Each one of them is amazing. You can see them here:

Latest one with NIGHT flight! July 2016

Antenna descriptions at K3LR August 2016

K3LR Antenna farm Loop Flyby August 2016

K3LR 4th Flyby August 2014

K3LR 3rd Flyby August 2014

K3LR 2nd Flyby May 2014

1st Flyby October 2013

K3LR Yagi Tramming August 2014

Summer Picnic at K3LR July 2015

From Dayton 2015 Watch from 00:48 to 5:38 shows K3LR ring rotors in action


Want to see what it looks like at K3LR during a contest?

Icom video of K3LR from October 2006 CQWW Phone contest

Icom video of K3LR from November 2006 CQWW CW contest

G7VJR works K3LR with 100 milliwatts on 40 meters February 2009


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